Veteran Massage



If you are a veteran that suffers from chronic pain or opiate addiction, you may qualify for free massage! (These are the two qualifiers and they don't necessarily have to be service related!) You are entitled to this! 

1) Contact your "Rome or Syracuse VA Primary Healthcare Provider" to set up an appointment.

2) At the appointment, explain how you would like to try Massage Therapy for your "chronic pain" reduction or to help wean yourself off "opioids".

3) Have the doctor submit a "consult for approval".

Once approved medically appropriate, the Community Coordinator will help coordinate this care.  You will need to specifically ask for Massage Services from Heads-R-Turning in Ilion.  Yes, it's really that simple! Make your appointment today with your healthcare provider at the Rome or Syracuse VA to begin the process. 

If you have questions, please call Kelley at (315) 868-0216.