April 21, 2018

Many will come together tomorrow (EARTH DAY) and collect garbage, plant trees, clean up parks, coral reef’s, beaches and plan for a better future; but it’s also important to support the Earth, year-round.

At Heads R Turning Spa, I use Paul Mitchell Products for my Hair Care Services. While this is just a tiny footprint in bettering our earth, using these products is a decision you can feel good about, by providing yourself and our planet a healthy future!

Below is information about Paul Mitchell’s environmental efforts and an article that they recently wrote:

This year marks the 45th anniversary of Earth day. Here at Paul Mitchell, we are committed to the sustainability of our planet by proudly supporting groups like Reforest’Action, keeping our commitment as the first professional beauty company to NOT conduct or endorse animal testing, and growing our awapuhi on an off-grid farm in Hawaii.

Deforestation is the cause of approximately 15% of greenhouse gas emissions. Over the course of their lifespans, the trees we plant will remove 28,333 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

In honor of Earth Month, Tea Tree has joined forces with Reforest’Action to kick off the second annual Green Takeover! This year, we’re celebrating in an even bigger way: Paul Mitchell has committed to planting 300,000 trees in total by the end of the month!

March 3rd and 4th, 2018

My husband Jerry (Featured in the photo, wearing the green jacket and in front of the GIANT Esthetics Sign) and I went to NYC, to the the Jacob Javitts Center, where they hosted The International Beauty, Spa & Wellness Convention. Jerry spent the time in Barbering classes for the 2 days. In case you didn't know, Jerry also has his Cosmetology License and has an amazing knack for cutting Men's hair. About that, we have something special up our sleeves, that you will have to stay posted for!

I spent the time this past weekend educating myself on various topics from Micro-Needling, Social Media, Full Body Waxing, Men's Hair Fades, Facial Peels, Micro Pigmentation- Permanent Make-up, Eyelash Extensions, Hair Extensions, Elegant Styling, Spray Tanning. Not all of which I will do in the Spa, but I like to know what I'm talking about, when new interests from the clients arise. So much knowledge that my noggin is still spinning.

While there, I also became a member of The Spa Industry Association. A great Association to be affiliated with because they have an amazing Resource Library, Industry Education and great Industry Reports. A fantastic way to keep current on upcoming and current Trends, to keep you feeling and looking superb.
A lot of the clients have been wanting to see photos from the Convention. So I have included them below.

Thank you for continuing to support me and my dream of keeping you feeling and looking AMAZING. Without you, I wouldn't have a reason to further my education for YOU!